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Making Money Online is Tough. There's so much to learn. So much to do.

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When most people use my system they need to search Clickbank marketplace for great offers, build compelling banners with tricky graphics programs, write headlines and copy that stop surfers and make them click, find the best 800 keywords for the offer, and track down 500 domains where their prospects hang out.

But YOU don't need to do any of that work because...

With This Special Offer YOU GET...

  • All the links to killer offers
  • All the graphics
  • All the headlines
  • All the body copy
  • All the keywords
  • All the domains to whitelist
  • All the special landing pages to keep you safe from that one mean traffic source
  • All the video training you need to run your 20 new campaigns on 5 top traffic sources
  • All the campaign settings—best bids, daily budgets, and times to run—for all 5 traffic sources
  • All the pro‑tips to make maximum money with minimum effort on every campaign and every traffic source

This gives you a...

HUGE Advantage Over Your Competitors...

because YOU...

  • Never waste time searching for offers that convert
  • Never struggle writing persuasive copy
  • Never grapple with picky graphics programs
  • Never worry about finding and using good traffic sources
  • Never lose money because you made a rookie mistake

Imagine that you came over to my house one day... waltzed into my office... and said,

"Hey dude, could you give me your best campaigns? All the banners. All the copy. All the keywords. All the domains. Everything you use to make money? Just copy it all to this thumb drive."

Wouldn't that be cool?

Well, that's EXACTLY what you get with this special offer.

And you know without a doubt that copying everything I spent months tweaking and testing and perfecting would be absolutely...

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Make Money Online EVER

  1. You're sick of struggling to make money online
  2. You don't have time for months of testing and tweaking
  3. You can't afford to lose money on campaigns that crash and burn
  4. You don't want to learn a bunch of new stuff
  5. You don't have the energy to do this all yourself
  6. You'd rather spend time with your family than re‑invent the wheel
  7. You want the fastest, easiest, safest way EVER to Make Money Online NOW!

Here's How This Works

Do I need to read the FBFastCash report?

No. Just read the short guide in this package, watch the traffic‑source videos, and you're done.

The FBFastCash report and videos will be helpful if you want to tweak anything later—like adding more graphics—but you don't need them to start making money today.

Do I need to watch the FBFastCash tutorial videos?

No. Everything you need is in this package.

What are the steps to launch a campaign?

• Read the fast‑start guide
• Watch the walk‑thru video for the traffic source you want to use (about 10 minutes)
• Fund your traffic account
• Copy the account settings from your briefing document
• Upload the graphics
• Paste the keywords
• Press launch.

After you watch the video, it'll take about 10 minutes.

What does it cost to fund the traffic source?

One traffic source bills you later for traffic... two need $50 to start... and two need $500.
Pick the traffic source that suits your needs and your budget.

Do I need technical skills?

No. If you can get on the Internet, login to a website, upload graphics (just click upload and select your graphic), and copy and paste, you have all the skills you need.

Can I really make money today?

Absolutely. You can get setup in under an hour. And as soon as you launch a campaign the traffic pours in. I won't guarantee that you'll make money today, but it's definitely possible. In one campaign, I got my first commsission before I realized the campaign was live. Not saying that'll happen to you, but making money fast is definitely possible.

Here's How You Sign Up

Right now, you can get everything I mentioned for this one‑time investment.

20 Campaigns in a Box
All payments are received by JCDM1, Inc. — John Crosbie's holding company.

Why so cheap?

Well... like I said before... You're in the FBFastCash Family now... and we look after family.

And, if you make a boatload of money with these Done‑For‑You campaigns, you might decide
to Let Me Guide You on the next stage of your journey... where you can make even more money.

That would be good for you... good for your family... and good for me. Good Karma all round.

Here's What These Campaigns Are Worth

It's tough to put a value on all the time I put into finding great offers, writing winning copy, producing killer banner ads, then tweaking and testing everything until it purrs like a Ferrari on the Autobahn... but I'll try.

A 100‑hr consultation with me would cost you $100,000.

And clients pay thousands for my advice on their campaigns.

And these 20 Done‑For‑You campaigns will soon sell for $397—which is a steal.

But, RIGHT NOW, you can Get them for a HUGE discount.

There are a LOT of people checking out this special offer right now... and as soon as we hit our cap I'll take it off the market.


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TODAY, when you invest in this product to get 20 Campaigns Ready to Launch—with all the graphics and headlines and copy and settings and videos to run these campaigns
on 5 top traffic sources—you also get a...

Lifetime Guarantee

You love it or it’s FREE.

So, if sometime in the next 100 years or so, you or your grandkids decide this really isn’t right for you—for any reason, or no reason at all—just contact our support people and get a 100% refund of your investment, no questions asked. It’s your decision; I respect that, so nobody will bug you. Promise!

So, if this sounds like something you’d like to test‑drive, then
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20 Campaigns in a Box
All payments are received by JCDM1, Inc. — John Crosbie's holding company.

This Offer Expires When the Timer Reaches Zero!

No thanks, I'll do all this myself.
I've got plenty of time...
we don't really need more money...
and my partner and kids don't mind if I work 70 hours a week.

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